30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Feta, Artichoke and Green Olive


These veggie pizza post’s are like buses right? You wait all year for one then two come along at once!

This may look familiar because we have made this very pizza before but with black olives instead of green. I’d like to say this was a deliberate experiment with flavours but in truth it was an accident and I didn’t realise we’d done a similar one until I was editing the photo and remembered the previous version. But all that said I’m glad we had the chance to compare the olives. I think I was both surprised and not at all surprised that the two pizza’s tasted different. Of course I know that green and black olives taste different but it was the mingling of flavours together that surprised. The green against the cheese was sharper, zingy where with black olives and feta the flavour is rich and warm.

All in all a good pizza though and a great reminder about flavours working together.

I’ll be back again with this topic to round up my thoughts on this rather long experiment and also bring you pizza thirty one which of course is my new fav.




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