December Daily® 2016 – Day three and four


Catching up a little. Day three looked like this. Pretty simple as I’d only attached a tag to the rings and added a three.


I became a little stuck trying to make that tag work and decided I couldn’t so I too it out and added a cut down page protector, a silver three and my story.


Love the little index tabs that I stamped a phrase on from the stamp set I mentioned previously.


On the back of that page I added a tag stamped with ‘Christmas Movies’ and popped a kraft paper list inside so I can jot down the films I watch this December. The photo on the right is added without a page protector and is the photograph of a little Instagram fun I am having.


And a reminder of what I had in place for day four.


On the back of that photo I adhered another one this time of our advent chocolates and poor old Buddy being left out. A printed label and a funny quote made up that page.


The three pocket page was swapped for a two pocket page with a photo of my niece and I trimming our little tree in the bottom pocket and a journal card at the top. I added a punched strip of paper to the left and stamped a phrase from that same stamp set over and over and wrote my story in between. It’s a technique Ali used a couple of years ago.

Loving it so far!


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

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2 Responses to December Daily® 2016 – Day three and four

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Lovely. Too bad that the tag did not work the way you had envisioned it working. I just got my first few days of photos printed so later today I hope to get some time to work on putting it together. I know my vision & the reality are going to be different.

    I saw some very detailed dog cookies/candy treats at the pet food place we buy the fur girls food, I wonder if they have “chocolates” for dogs (not real chocolate, bad for dogs & cats) ?

    • mel says:

      Yes we do have to adapt from our plan to the reality! Hope you album comes together look forward to seeing it.Yes you can get dog safe ‘choc’ treats. Thats a good idea must buy him some to wrap on the 24!

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