Read – Brazen by Katherine Longshore


This was a good holiday read. YA and set at the time of King Henry VIII. It was  recommended over here. (I really like Jamie’s blog even though she is twenty years younger than me!)

I don’t often pick up historical YA – or historical anything actually, I’m never sure about the mix of fact and fiction, so this was something new for me.

The book takes place during Ann Boleyns time as Queen in the court of Henry and is told from the perspective of a young courtier who has been married off, at the age of fourteen,  to Henry’s illegitimate son. It was enjoyable and interesting and made me do some research about the period and people so that alone has to make it a success. The author just about manages to keep it a romance while dealing with the facts of that time.

I did enjoy it but don’t think I’ll read any other historical YA. Having said that though it may have tempted me to pick up Hilary Mantel’s final installment of novels set in the same time period. Gav and I watched the BBC dramatisation of her previous books, Wolf Hall.  Although, like I said,  I’m never sure about mixing fact and fiction this series was excellent and I wonder what Hilary will do with the last one.




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  1. Mary-Lou says:

    I will have to get this book. Anne Boleyn is my most favourite historical character. I have several books about her & the rest of the Tudor clan. When ever they ask the question who would you most like to have lunch with – I always answer Anne Boleyn.

    Really enjoyed your photos for the catch up week. That leaping Gav was spectacular. Ah yes the sweet boy’s pink tongue out … ah ah ah

    • mel says:

      Thanks Mary-Lou. I too was fascinated by the Tudors. Have you read/seen Wolf Hall? Oh and you are not the only one to think that leaping person was Gav but it’s me! I clearly didn’t say that in the post, lol. And I’ll let you into a secret…. looks like I’m jumping really high when in fact Gav was stood lower than me so it give that illusion. Wish I could jump that high!

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