Six projects before Christmas

It’s hard to believe that this photograph was taken on 6th December last year. I mean that could happen again in a few weeks. (This scene by the way is of the ‘little lake’ in Roundhay Park – Leeds.)

But I don’t want to talk just about Leeds weather today although looking at the snow makes me feel in the mood for Christmas creativity.

I want to make six things before Christmas.

The idea here is to get me being creative once a week, a kick start to the festive season if you will. There are some amazing ideas out there on that old web and I’d like to try and make a few of things ones I’ve seen around  and about. I hope some will be gifts and others just home decor.

On my hit list so far a simpler version of this 

and this cup cover:   


Which I saw on Pintrest from here. So beautiful and sweet and a real necessitiy for those red cups…..

And also this. What a fantastic way to reuse and recycle all at once.

Hope to have one of those made by Monday to kick off the festive season. What wonders have you seen that you want to try?

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