Photo a Day – week twenty one


Here we go with another week.

After an amazing start with my sunflowers the slugs got to them and I only have five plants left growing healthily in the ground. It was very exciting to see one of these gearing up to flower.


Such a lovely scene, on a lovely street. Since Bud and I have lengthened our morning walk, in the quest for 10,000 steps a day (more on that soon) we walk on this street most days. I adore the huge houses around this area and the leafy trees.


Helping me support the pea crop which grows inches daily!


Scoring a live baseball game this week. The San Francisco Giants were away from home on the east coast which means if they play a day game we get to watch live. It’s a big event round here!


Wonder where they were going?


Waiting not too patiently for some ripe tomatoes….


And here it is in all that rusty-red and tinged yellow glory. Helianthus ‘claret.’


And another week goes by.




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  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Glorious – all of it. I too wonder where everyone is going all the time.

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