Photo a Day – week nineteen


We have had a few false starts to summer here in the North of England but last week it made a prolonged effort and was very hot for us in Leeds. We spent lots of time outside and the good weather encouraged us to bath the Budster……As you’ll see he wasn’t much impressed with this event.

But we start with a double treat for reading night. Scones with jam and cream and an early night!


Since the iphone came along I haven’t picked up the big camera as much. I’m aware of it so that’s okay. However the macro lens still gets taken down the garden to capture some of the emerging blooms. Here a Calendula flower. The symmetry and shape of those petals is incredible.


Harvesting potatoes.


Like I said impressed? Not very.


Another part of the lovely Canal Gardens.


Scrambled eggs with mushrooms on homemade toasted olive loaf.


And yep more olive loaf this time with a fried egg and Quorn pepperoni. A suggestion from a fellow veggie colleague. It was really tasty. But the olive bread was a flavour too many. Will experiment.


And that was that.


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2 Responses to Photo a Day – week nineteen

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Your egg on bread looks so yummy, both of them. Oh to harvest ones own potatoes, now that would be fresh. I really would enjoy walking along your canal. Treats in bed!?! I would make a mess, I am thinking of wearing a bib.

    Poor Bud, he looks absolutely terrified.

    • mel says:

      We have a saying when we harvest potatoes that it’s like digging for treasure and it really is! And yes Buddy was terrified but he survived the ordeal and now smells all the sweeter ; )

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