Bloom 2016 – Free Purple


I love collecting flowers and foliage from the self sown plants that pop up around the garden. It’s flowers for free and that tunes into my frugal side. Truth be told one of the main reasons I grow my own is the cost factor. At the moment I don’t have bushes of fancy roses to pick from but what I do grow is always a joy to sow, pot on and harvest. Growing flowers has become part of my life blood.

In this arragement we have lunaria seed pods, canon went, knautia seed heads, lemon balm, dianthus barbatus oregano foliage and lavender all popped into a little tin can that once held dried yeast. More cost saving!


Hoorah for ‘free’ plants and ‘free’ vases.

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2 Responses to Bloom 2016 – Free Purple

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Lovely still life photo of your beautiful arrangement. I wandered my garden yesterday morning looking for something to cut for flowers on my desk at work – almost nothing, well that is what I first thought, but then I re-focused & found lots of foliage to use with the few flowers. I was heard to say out loud – what would Mel pick to use?

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