Bloom 2016 – Silver White


Is this a good thing or a bad? I wait all year for certain flowers to bloom and then can only steel myself to pick them once and leave the rest in the garden?


Good and bad I think. Which is fine. At least I get one arrangement. The flower in question on this vaseful are the Viburnum opulus. Those green/white orbs of dense wonder. They begin tight and firm, lime green and fresh signalling everything about spring in one flower head. Then as they mature the grow in size and develop into voluminous white balls, loose and frothy.

Along with them are Euphorbia, Lunaria, Hesperis and the grey foliage from an ornamental pear tree whose boughs hang over into our garden from next door! (I asked before I cut them.)

The annuals are slowly growing and filling out and hopefully I’ll be cutting a few stems from them soon.

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2 Responses to Bloom 2016 – Silver White

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Lovely arrangement (as always). My flowers are struggling so much with the heat & humidity, so many blooms have been burnt by the intense sun shine. I may go off to the market for a floral bunch to arrangement at home 🙂

    • mel says:

      That’s a shame but on the other hand some sunshine over here for more than the odd day would be lovely and make my flowers grow! I guess neither of us live in the perfect growing climates?! I may join you in a trip to the flower market.

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