Week In The Life™ – review part two


Okay more of the Week In The Life™ photos. Here are some shots from Friday to Sunday.


I’ve been taking more self portraits recently. Partly because I always do for this project but also because we were encouraged to do so in the class I took recently Storytelling with Project Life® from Ali Edwards. I have been thinking about doing a regular self portrait post but not sure I can commit to putting myself in front of the lens more than I do already… we’ll see.

Anyway back to the photos.

Guess he didn’t like the blanket. Also love that random sock sat on the radiator!


Love me the shadows we make.


French toast for breakfast.



She caught us two concentrating on making arrows….


And here she is with the completed bow and arrow.



A little more danger before I took her home.


Someone thinks that sticks are made for chewing…


Good to know he loves us.



Although clearly he loves a stick more.


Got to document my ongoing love affair with my dressing gown!


And that was that.

Back to share the album in the next few weeks.

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4 Responses to Week In The Life™ – review part two

  1. Lady Ella says:

    Nice gems, glimpses into your everyday.
    I’m completely flummoxed by the second pic. How did you do that!?

    • mel says:

      Thanks. So that photo… the lens is focussing on the mirror and because the apature was stopped down to 1.4 the depth of field is very narrow. To be honest I was playing about with it and took several where I was out of focus and just hit upon one that I was in focus. Hope that makes sense!

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    Ah a Buddy filled week (yeah) Niece does look quite serious with her bow & arrow set & I like her long braid – is that the fish tail braiding?

    • mel says:

      It is a fish tail, well spotted. I taught them how to do it as I am obsessed with hair creations but she hates her hair brushed……

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