Photo a Day – week six


Here we go with some more.

I’m pretty sure, that although this plant is a biennial,  this will be its third year so when I see all that lovely growth I celebrate with a photo. It is Lunaria (honesty) in the white form so the leaves are that lovely variegated colour.


Tis the season for lots of flower pictures it seems. I am still in love with all our patio pots and they’ll be featured again and again until they’re all done I’m sure.


Funny girl.


So much wrong with this photo and I think my sunglasses are way too big! But I like it anyway.


I wonder if he’s chewing a toy or a plant pot…….


Went to paint pottery at the Emma Bridgewater factory. I’ve been before with my sister and niece, this time was with my BFF. We had such fun.


Macro shot of the Artichoke flowers and pretty light.


And there we have it.

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2 Responses to Photo a Day – week six

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    I really like your pots of spring flowers – having them in pots gives you such an opportunity to arrange & re-arrange. Neat close up of the artichoke flower. Oh the heroics of her lifting that ever so heavy log … (lol). Oh Bud that better not be a pot! And no I do not think your glasses are too big 🙂

    PS it should have saw I like the spotted Buddlington – I really hate Bloggers auto correcting! (& see it is still trying to correct ……)

    • mel says:

      She was quite pleased with herself! Thanks for the comment about the glasses lol! When I wear sunglasses I have to have the whole of my vision covered by them, can’t bear a sliver of brighter light, so they have to be big. Auto correct is good and bad…..

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