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The October Garden Showing Off My One Little Word®

My One Little Word® this year is light. I have been trying to pay special attention to the literal light around me as well as thinking of how it plays in a non literal sense. When I was wandering around the … Continue reading

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Bloom 2017 – The Dahlias

We had a beautiful day last Friday and although we were getting a few flowers from the Dahlias I decided it was time to dig them up while the soil wasn’t too soggy. In this part of the UK our … Continue reading

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Layout Share – Food Adventure

Little things, momentous things, there are no limits or rules for what we as scrapbookers put in our albums. Thank goodness. Here is a great little story that happened when Gav and I were in NYC in March for my … Continue reading

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Photo a Day – Week Thirty Three

Happy to capture some sunshine this week. The autumn colours are lovely. And I found one last conker. Uh oh! Festive-ness is in the shops…… Gav was in London for work and sent me this photo. The hotel where the … Continue reading

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The Post Box Quest – London 2017

It went a little bit like this when Gav, H and I were in London this summer….. Me – ‘Oooo, there’s a post box over there.’ (Makes to cross road.) Them – ‘Ugh.’ (Eye rolling and general ‘not another one’ … Continue reading

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Bloom 2017 – Velvet and Gold

My plan to get outside and harvest all the rest of the flowers didn’t quite go to plan. We had Storm Brian which brought gales and rain to the UK. We didn’t suffer too much here but other parts of … Continue reading

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Adding Layers

I’ve been saving that photo above for something. Some story that hadn’t happened yet, back then last summer, when I snapped the shot. There is of course a story in the image itself. Summer feet, painted toe nails, a little … Continue reading

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Photo a Day – Week Thirty Two

And here we go with some more. My Niece and my Great Niece. Sunshine on the Holly bush. Driving together to work. The end of an era….. Starting another quilt. That’s four I have on the go now! Beautiful berries … Continue reading

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Homemade Bread – Curry and Mango Loaf

It’s been quite a while since our bread maker has seen any action other than pizza dough! But the other day I was inspired to make a new loaf. We had lots of ingredients in the cupboard to choose from … Continue reading

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Layout Share – Quirky Funicular and Love Is

When we got back from America I was itching to get scrapping. I hadn’t made pages for a while and was inspired. I love that bit about a trip. A change of scene, and adventure or two and some new … Continue reading

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