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The breakfast love affair continues – Chocolate Pancakes

Indulgence at its best. My niece was round for a sleepover and I wanted to make pancakes for our breakfast but she isn’t a big blueberry fan (crazy I know.) I was trying to think of an alternative that she … Continue reading

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Bloom 2016 – late summer meets early autumn (and a vignette series)

I am absolutely of the opinion that this arrangement does not work but I loved it anyway. These were some stems I had left over from a big arrangement and they couldn’t be wasted so were popped into this lovely … Continue reading

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Photo a Day – week thirty one

And here are another two weeks! I seem to be drawn to fungi this autumn. There is a lot of it about. And leaves. Always leaves. I wonder what he’s trying to say? See what I mean…… This whopper was … Continue reading

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Bloom 2016 – A little late, late splash of colour

I had hopes of harvesting more these last couple of months but sometimes things don’t quite work out. September zoomed by then we were away and here we are almost at the end of October! I’m disappointed at my flower … Continue reading

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52 Stories – number thirty eight – Going to the game in SF

We’ve had a little seasonal break in these posts but hopefully I’m back to sharing weekly now! Going to the Game in SF Here’s the story – It wasn’t like we hadn’t ridden the CAL train before but still it … Continue reading

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Read – Brazen by Katherine Longshore

This was a good holiday read. YA and set at the time of King Henry VIII. It was  recommended over here. (I really like Jamie’s blog even though she is twenty years younger than me!) I don’t often pick up … Continue reading

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Photo a Day – week twenty nine and thirty

Another week of Portugal to catch up on then its back home. The villa we stayed at on this trip is on a golf complex. They have a lot of these on the Algarve. We like to watch golf so … Continue reading

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Around here and a sunset

I thought I’d just pop in and say hello. Hello! I have been absent from this space for a week or so and I was thinking how to delve back into the blogging thing…. What better way than with a … Continue reading

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