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Read 2015 – The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz

This novel is all about Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson but not written by the original author, Arthur Conan Doyle but reimagined by a different writer. I wasn’t particularly keen on the original book and my sister, who lent me … Continue reading

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Photo a Day – week two

Tea and coffee and cake. Mmmmm…… They let pooches into the Painswick Rococo Gardens! This was in one of the many little buildings throughout the garden. The National Memorial Arboretum. (Something else I can cross off the list!) The early … Continue reading

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Make something ugly

I read and listen to a lot about creativity. Blogs, magazines, t.v shows, podcasts. Making things weaves its way in and out of my day in one form or another. One of the podcasts I’ve been listening to lately is … Continue reading

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Photo a Day – week one

This is my third year sharing a photo a day. Just a few notes for this year. I am letting Gav in on the action of documenting our days, I know I am so generous….. I am also going to … Continue reading

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Little roses

My Mum bought me a bunch of pink roses for my birthday. I have been in love with short packed vases of flowers for a while now but never really tried one with roses like this before. There wasn’t much … Continue reading

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Click tick list – See the Severn Bore

Oh little list of big, small and mega things to see and do it has been a long time since I crossed anything off. Well today I can cross something off. Gav, Buddy and I travelled south on Saturday to … Continue reading

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She’s got that camera pointed at me again….

I am sure if he had any thoughts in his head, apart from walks and food that is, his next one would be to get the camera out of his face! I just can’t resist that little nose. The shot … Continue reading

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Making art every week – update in March

In January I made the bold statement that I was going to make something arty every week. I haven’t done too badly, I have picked up the pencils or the paint or the weaving and managed to make something most … Continue reading

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Photo a Day – week fifty two

I can’t quite fathom how fifty two weeks have gone by. But they have and here is the final week in the 2014/2015 photo a day project. I was the last car in the car park at work. Had to … Continue reading

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A few years back I took a great class from Ali Edwards over at Big Picture Classes called 31 Things. It was a prompt a day and encouraged you to write about specifics as they were right then. One of … Continue reading

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