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The reading comes of age

Yep, I’ve hit 21. I think it is a testament to my truly romantic nature that I’ve come away from reading my latest novel, Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby, with a new romantic hero to add to my collection. And I laugh … Continue reading

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That recount, ahem.. needs recounting

Well would you believe it. I missed another book in the old recount. And how did I forget this one? This book had a huge affect on me so I’m cross with myself for fogetting it so fast. But yesterday … Continue reading

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Nineteen and a recount

I had to have a recount. Somewhere along the way I have miscounted the books I have read so far this year. So I thought I’d list them all so my pea sized brain doesn’t mix it up again. Dead … Continue reading

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Project Flowers

In a madcap dreamy moment I put it to Gav that instead of working in the craft shop I could bring in a few pennies by growing and selling flowers. I thought the appeal of organic, home grown, no airmile, … Continue reading

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When I was little I remember the harvest festival at school. I remember that we had to take something from home to put on the display table in the hall and that school parcelled the goods up and sent them … Continue reading

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Three Six Five

The number of days since I collected Buddy from the Dogs Trust. A year. It really doesn’t seem that long. And I can’t believe how hard it was in the beginning all the traumas and problems we had to start with. But … Continue reading

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Old photos

As a scrapbooker I like photographs. The love of photography came first. In fact I can’t remember not taking pictures. If you extend the definition of scrapbooker to memory keeper and story teller, which sounds pretentious but I guess it’s … Continue reading

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Winter pots

I mentioned the other week that Gav had bought lots of bulbs and plants to fill up winter pots for the patio. Well, he got round to planting up the pots the other week and they look great. I’m always … Continue reading

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  It was like coming home. Back in my comfort zone with a lovely, romantic, gentle, easy to read novel. These books do exactly what it says on the tin and I adore them for that. So with that read … Continue reading

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Canals and Locks

So as promised here are a few pics from our walk along the Trent and Mersey Canal. I loved this little bridge which leads you over the canal. I have never seen such a narrow tunnel for the narrow boats … Continue reading

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