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In the frame – a journey in self portraiture

During a recent class with Ali about photography called Lens of Joy she introduced us to Vivienne McMaster who has taken the idea of a selfie and run a million miles with it. I was intrigued and interested in the … Continue reading

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Oh beautiful bees, which one are you?

I don’t think it would come as much of a surprise to anyone that’s been here for a while that I love bees. They are a vital part of our garden and a vital part of our food production and … Continue reading

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The quest for a self timed photo

I think about photos a lot. You probably worked that out about me! During our trip to the US in 2008 I began a tradition. I realised that we were not in any photos together. Here we were on our … Continue reading

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A photo wall

I love collections of photographs displayed on a wall. I have a few images pinned over here. We used to have a more traditional wall of photos in the dining room before switched rooms and decorated. That was over three … Continue reading

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She’s got that camera pointed at me again….

I am sure if he had any thoughts in his head, apart from walks and food that is, his next one would be to get the camera out of his face! I just can’t resist that little nose. The shot … Continue reading

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Jump for joy with me – I have a macro lens!

You know that adorable husband of mine only went and bought me a Macro lens for Christmas. Bless his heart. I have longed for one of these for a couple of years now. I dreamt of the amazing flower photos … Continue reading

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A summer list with H – part two

My lovely niece came round last weekend and we crossed some more things off the summer list. Here’s a reminder of where we’d got to – stargaze, go bowling, ride in a boat, make s’more, visit a beach, pick berries, … Continue reading

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Bumbley bumble bees and other critters

Oh the humble bumble bee. I love bees. I know I’ve said it before and I count myself very lucky to live next door to several apiaries but there are also lots of regular old bumble as well as the … Continue reading

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More ‘Light’ Talk

When we were away at the cottage I wandered down the garden and spotted this little scene. The composition isn’t perfect but work with me here. I took this shot first and then the sun came out so I grabbed … Continue reading

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The Light

I am clearly a creature of repetition and forgetfulness! Last Saturday morning the sun was shining so beautifully I grabbed the camera and snapped a few shots of the wonderful morning light. Sunday morning, although a little disappointed that the … Continue reading

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