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He’s Still Got It

To cheer us all up on a Monday here is our crazy pooch. He is a delight, a faithful companion and of course crackers! And after tearing up and down he likes to drink from the birds water…….

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Someone Loves the Snow and a Little Practice

Popping in real quick today to share this series of fun photos in the spirit of my One Little Word®. When I decided to delay going into work because of the surprise snow fall I grabbed the camera and caught a … Continue reading

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A standoff in the quest for a photo

Not looking. See, I said I wasn’t looking. Nope. Absolutely not. Fine I’ll play ball, just so you’ll let me in the house….. Just kidding!

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Dog DIY?

Left to his own devices he’ll come up with all sorts of ways to entertain himself. Like helping with a little DIY. Look he’s found a screwdriver. Testing out the sturdiness of the handle before em-bark-ing on the task…. Thinking … Continue reading

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Best game ever!

Three little words – give me that – send him into a crazy puppy frenzy of naughtiness. Anything he thinks you want is instantly his most favourite and he won’t give it up without a fight. See me? I got … Continue reading

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She’s got that camera pointed at me again….

I am sure if he had any thoughts in his head, apart from walks and food that is, his next one would be to get the camera out of his face! I just can’t resist that little nose. The shot … Continue reading

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Someone has a new chew toy

You can sneek up on me all ya like, it’s my chew toy. I can chew it this way, or that way, ‘cos it’s mine see…… I can hold it tight in my cute dog pawsies, so you can’t get … Continue reading

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That pooch!

What do ya mean it’s your wool? Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Apparently it’s his ball of wool……

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Cracker dog crazy again, again and again….

Oh life is sweet every day for that little dog. Well, unless it’s raining or a firework goes off. He finds all kinds of stuff to play with. Like this and this. But in the garden it usually is a … Continue reading

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Buddy and the ice cube

What is it then? Something to eat. Oh yes. I could try it this way. Or that way. Or lick it. Yes, he likes an ice cube.

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