Photo a Day – week forty


More festive stuff and a little getaway.


Sorry about the poor photo. This was delish Malt Chocolate Cheesecake!


A pile of things waiting to be arranged and sorted.


Ready to post.


We had a couple of nights away to celebrate our anniversary. Here is my bedside table.


A tradition. We are on Lindesfarne and always try to snap a shot of us in front of the castle. We got married there.


A light breakfast!


We are back home now and I am doing my best to catch up with December Daily.

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December Daily® 2014 – day six, seven and eight


The month is flying by and I so want to catch up with this album. Here are a few more days.

Love how the page full of little bits and bobs looks ontop of the photo of my niece. And the photo of her is a full page one (yay) with a few embelishments at the top of the page.



Then another full page showing the four of us! I added the glittery letters onto of the photo.


A smaller page at the start to day 7. I like the vareity of sizes and how they let you peek forwards into the album.


Then a simple photo of our girls crafting afternoon, again a smaller size page.


I added my story on the diagonal lines of the patterned paper and a stamp and brad heart.


The backing card for the photo above is a georgeous metalic matt red. I’ve had that card for ages and love adding a little touch of it along with that red glitter paper which I also adore and have had for about as long.

The main oage of day 8 is a photo of my Christmas magazines. Simple but so glad to have included a picture of them because they are very much part of tradition around here.


And there we go. Simple but great to get on with the backlog.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

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Photo a Day – week thirty nine


This is the people and festive-ness edition!



Crafting with the girls in my family.


His love for a ball of wool extends to pom poms it seems…


I festived this spot in the hall up a bit. Not convinced might move the NOEL to the dining room.


My collection of Christmas home and vegetarian cookery magazines.


Waiting for the Christmas show to start.


And another week gone.

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December Daily® 2014 – Day three, four and five


I’m catching up!

Here is day three. I added the number, the story typed, on my old manual typewriter and cut into strips and a piece of glittery paper with the negative shape of a snowflake punched out to the number page.


Two photos on the right side. I added the word frost in photoshop before printing. A label was cut in half and a few stars stamped on the tab.


And day four. No photo here but a little story about the Christmas decorations at work. I added that cute gingerbread man. It’s a stamp and I coloured him in with Copic markers and cut the shape out.


And here is the spread with day four and five.


Just a sentance added to the page for day five about the Christmas pudding.


And there we go. Hope you are all having fun this December.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

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Photo a Day – week thirty eight


It is still porridge for me. Here with a few almonds and maple syrup.


Leaves and mushrooms.


Not my favourite job but…..


Movie night.


Going to work in the dark.


You know I go on about the light….. And he cuteness of course.


Dug out the Christmas decorations at work.


Into December we shall go.

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December Daily® 2014 – Day One and Day Two


Bring on the merry, jingle those bells for ’tis the season.

I added my handwritten reason why onto the back of the star page. I know you can’t see my writing very clearly here but it is legible in person.


Here is the spread for day one.


I added a couple of glitter snowflakes and a few red stars to the top right pocket and stapled it closed. I typed my story directly onto the photo before I printed it out. All about our trip to the cinema. Just love that white writing on the picture. I think there will be a lot of that this year. I’m remembering to keep that in mind as I take the photograph so I make sure to compose the shot leaving white space to write onto.

And day two.


A photo of me, I was parked at the time and getting the last sip from my Egnogg latte. I adhered that picture onto the back of the one on the first day and added a word sticker from the Tim Holtz sticker book and a Studio Calico wooden heart. Then under the large star a few lines to tell the ongoing love affair I have with that drink.

Okay we are off! Hope you are having a wonderful season so far.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.


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December Daily® 2014 – the cover and a list


At last I put together the album and finished the cover.

My inspiration came from this pin. I loved the aperture in the card and wanted to replicate that idea on my cover somehow.

The base of the cover is sturdy chip board cut to just over 6 inches. I found a star die cut and cut the shape out with a craft knife.



And painted the cover white. I did about three coats.


I had a little mishap I had when punching the holes for the rings. My middle hole was slightly off centre. I considered leaving it but knew it would drive me crazy so instead I added another hole to balance it out! Gav captured the moment I decided to add another hole.


I cut a slightly smaller star for the inside of the aperture and coated it in glitter. I’d run out of the numbers in the colours I wanted for the cover so I embossed some black ‘thickers’ with silver.

When the glitter was dry I added the embossed numbers and fixed them to the star. I scratched off a little glitter to get the glue to stick. Then I fixed the star onto the first page of the album getting it as centered as I could.



Then the final touch was a little red and white bakers twine an ‘S’ for our surname using Tim Holtz charms and I added the year to a vellum tag using my favourite teeny rub-on’s.

Love how the aperture turned out and that first glittery page.


I mentioned in my previous December Daily post that I wanted to use an idea or prompt list to help me capture this month through the lens. Having the list will give me a little reminder of things to look out for at this busy time. I used several ‘pins’ on this board to compile my own.


Okay, here we go!


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

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Photo a Day – week thirty seven


Those good old sunflowers are still trying.


Mr Squirrel.


Coffee with Mum on my first outing for Christmas gifts.


Gav’s running shoes.


On the way to a course for work. A winter sky.


Okay we’ve gone crazy in this house…. my running shoes? Can’t be right!


The ever wonderful Mahonia flowering its heart out.


And next week there will be twinkle lights! Woot.

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Too early for a wreath?


No? I’m so glad you said that!

I like a wreath. I suppose I was aware of them from an early age but the idea of a wreath around  Christmas time was firmly fixed in my mind from the family trips we made on Christmas Eve to the cemetery. I apologise if this sounds too weird but this is what we did. And as we moved through the cemetery many of the graves were adorned with that circle of evergreen foliage and a few red berries from the holly sprigs.

As I got older they became a thing of beauty to me as I realised that they came in all shapes and sizes and all manner of foliage and flowers and I did try making my own, I even did a workshop at Sarah Raven about ten years ago too. It was only recently that I tried this idea once again with the Hydrangea wreaths.

This festive season I want to dabble with these arrangements again and thought I would start early and test out an idea or two. I watched a few tutorials on You Tube and decided to try the plastic wreath ring filled with floral foam first. I had an old ring and cut the dry foam to fit then pre-soaked it in a sinkful of water. I wasn’t sure exactly how long to soak it for, it ended up being about an hour.

Then I gathered supplies from the garden. I picked anything I thought would last well tried to select a vareity of textures and ended up with Bay leaves, Ivy and Gaura and added a couple of variegated leaves into the mix with Pittosporum and Lamium.


I prepared the stems by cutting them short and stripping the bottom leaves.


I actually had to cut them even shorter than they were in the photos.


I was so happy outside trimming and preparing I didn’t realise that I was loosing the light so I started filling up the wreath and grabbed a shot of it half full before it got dark. You can also see from this shot that I had already attached the ribbon for hanging the wreath up before I filled it with foliage.


Note to self – you always need more foliage than you think! I kept adding the bay and ivy and then the Pittosporum and Lamium.


And finally the ivy seed pods and the Gaura. It was actually the fact that our Gaura was producing all those little ‘tassels’ that made me want to make a foliage wreath in the first place! They are so lovely and weird.


And there it is. Not too fancy, not really ‘festive’ but a first attempt at this kind of hanging wreath and a start to my wreath making season.

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30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Feta, artichoke and black olive


Here’s to another pizza, another combination of flavours. I have said ti before and will say it again I love artichoke on pizza. We also added a few cherry tomatoes. All in all a great success.

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