Photo a Day – week ten


A couple of days left from our hols then back to routine….

This isn’t a great photo and it does look like there is a whole host of dead stuff on the beach but they are alive alive o’. Elephant seals! Amazing. This colony is supposed to be 7,500 strong on the coast near San Simeon. It was a truly wondeful half hour stood watching these amazing creatures.


Waiting at LAX for our flight.


Someone was all tuckered out after his stay at auntie B’s.


I didn’t totally miss these beauties. Queen of Night, Ballerina and Little Minuet.


Seedlings. These are radish, rocket and mizuna.


We brought him a little gift.


A pretty wall adorned with Ivy and Hawthorn


And there we go.

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Photo a Day – week nine


Some more USA photos.

Love a streetcar almost as much as the cable cars.


View of Coit Tower from the high point of Lombard Street.


An escalator just for your trolley? In Target there is!


Big Sur.


Amazing sunset over the Pacific.


Another day another breakfast.


Cute squirrels on the boardwalk right on the cliff edge in the town of Cambria.


Almost the end of our trip……


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And more adventures stateside

I intend to do a couple of bigger blog posts (as well as the final week of photo a day while we were in California) to document things being crossed off my list like visit Monument Valley and go on another US road trip and see the big crater in Arizona, but for now here are a few other gems from this amazing trip.

Seeing the Sonics at the Filmore.

I admit that I hadn’t heard of either (I know!) but it was worth the trip to see the historic venue and listen to the band. (My phone camera didn’t hold up well however, this was the best it could do!)


And on the other end of the cultural spectrum, the following evening we went to the ballet! We saw Romeo and Juliet at the Opera House in San Fran and it was pretty amazing.


We panned for gold at the Oakland Museum of California.


And we rode bikes…… Yes that’s me, on a bike!


Oh! Cable cars we love you so.


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Fabric, fabric, fabric……


In all the time I have been coming to the US this was the first year I set foot in a Jo-Ann’s. And all I have to say is wow! Why don’t we have this in the UK?


Every aisle off to the left of this picture had fabric in it. I mean every sort of material you could name was right here in this shop. Amazing.


I guess we are not makers as much in England as they are here? I gathered a few rolls together to see what they’d look like and I went for a totally different colour scheme than is my usual go to. I may have gone a little crazy….

There it all is in my basket. And you can just see a little doggie print right at the bottom of the pile. I couldn’t that one for a certain pooch.


Can’t wait to get cutting that fabric for a new quilt and to make Bud a new throw too. Woot!

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Photo a Day – week eight


Fun is here…

Monument Valley landscape with moody clouds. Love how the sky picks up the red of the earth.


At Glen Canyon dam.


A restored neon sign on the strip in downtown Las Vegas. This originally adorned the Silver Slipper casino.


Well not sure it’s fabulous but it is a sight to behold.


Love the Coldstone Creamery.


We also love lunch. That toasted sandwich was amazing. Artichoke, courgette, spinach and pesto. Mmm..


And me again. This time at A T and T baseball park to watch the SF Giants. We found these two and had to get a photo to add to my collection.


And there was week two of this epic trip.

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Adventures in American breakfasts

From my first authentic bagel and a schmeer in New York I have been in love with breakfast here in the US. Actually I am in love with breakfast anywhere but they do it on a grand scale over this side of the pond.

Gav is an eggs and home fries kinda guy, me pancakes almost all the way. I thought it would be fun to share what exuberant calories we have been partaking of as our start to the day.



The Pasadena hotel had this amazing invention…..


One push of the button and a pancake popped out. Awesome!

Ooo look a variation. French toast.



And then this wonderful machine.


Which made perfect waffles!


These pancakes were a step too far for me. I saw them on the menu and couldn’t resist. Milk chocolate pancakes…… You’ll be shocked to hear I didn’t manage to eat all of these and Gav didn’t finish his blueberry ones either. Vegas got the best of us.


Maybe tomorrow we’ll just have cereal?

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Photo a Day – week seven


Some holiday fun this week but first one of the garden early in the morning.


Los Angeles sunset from the plane window.


Our second viewing of this baby, the Shuttle, Endeavour. Last time it was on the back of a 747 flying past us when we visited in 2012.


The cutest funicular railway in downtown LA. Pity it hasn’t run for a few years.


One of many amazing views at The Huntington. It is one of the gardens in the book that’s on my list so it counts towards my 100.


We have waited almost two years to try these again. Yep, it was worth the wait.


Something else to cross off my list. This is the meteor crater in Arizona.


Well including the flight over here we have racked up a few thousand miles this week and have had a great time so far.

Sending hugs and love to all back home and big hellos to anyone reading today.

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Post box quest continues…..

Its been a while since I found a new post box, here is my original post about this odd little quest of mine. I remembered seeing photos of the so called anonymous post boxes on some of the web sites I read when I originally looked into all the different styles but hadn’t spotted one until the recent trip to Filey with my neice.


It’s anonymous because there is no Royal cypher or the words ‘post office’ on the front of the box. These were made in 1879 and it took 13 years before this design was changed again.

Love adding new boxes to the collection.

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Photo a Day – week six


Here goes another week.



Our first lunch outside this year.


Frantic potting on of plants in the greenhouse.


Snapped my first bee with the macro lens.


Such a lovely week, someone was really enjoying the warmer weather.


I missed the pretty red and pink sky but caught the moon.


After all I said about missing the tulips I managed to cut a few stems this week.


And there we go.


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Holiday planning – a mini album


Taking a little book, a place to jot down a thought, has been a holiday tradition for a few years now. I prepared the 2015 version the other day using an old Amy Tangerine mini album as the base.


I’ve been saving this one and finally decided this was the trip for it. The only issue was that there were not quite as many pages as I think I’ll need so I decided to add some more.

I picked out a few neutrals from my stash and cut them to the size I wanted.


Here is the book as it was when I bought it open on the middle page. You can’t quite see in this photo but the binding is stitched. I used that as the idea of how to add in more pages.


Here are my new ones ready to be sewn in.


Using a darning needle I punched holes through my new pages and then sewing back and forth, cover to middle, I stitched them into the album.

You can see my brown stitches and the original lighter coloured ones below.


I used this little album as an excuse to gather lots of older stickers and embelishments and I went crazy adding things onto the pages.


Including the cover. Stamps, rub ons and stickers.


I love that stamp of the girl and boy and used it thoughout the book, you can just spot it below on that little page over on the left.


And again.


Here rub-ons and more stamps. That frame stamp in another fav.


That speech bubble is from a Studio Calico set and again on the left the girl and boy stamp.


I decided to add a die cut to the cover which helped make that plane stand out and it gives me spot to add other details about the trip like the dates and destinations. I think the cut out is from Amy Tangerine.


There we go, all ready for adventures.

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