Bloom 2015 – berries and hips


There are times when I have to liberate flora from the communal wood behind our house. These berries were such an occasion. There is a long abandoned Laurel bush growing happily out in the wood and this year it was covered in the bright red and dark purple berries. I thought the colours would match some of the Dahlias so I picked a few stems.


This is a real mix of plants including Bay leaves, sweet pea stems, rose hips, fennel flowers and stems, Antirrhinum, Verbena bonariensis and Dahlia ‘Karma Choc’, Bishop of Llandaff, Bishop of Lancaster and Thomas A Edison.

As the end of the season approaches it’s great to be able to mix and match whatever I can but having those late Dahlia’s really makes the job easier as they are show stoppers and add real depth of colour and texture to a vase. I’m going to try and overwinter these tubers but will be adding more next year too. They are invaluable.

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Photo a Day – week twenty eight


We had a very foggy week here where the day began blanketed in mist and by lunchtime it was bright sunshine. Very San Fran!

This is the cutest long haired dachshund that my sister looks after sometimes. She was asleep here….




Foggy street.


There was lots of coffee at work last week.


A macro shot of a spider web. This is what all that moisture in the air does, makes pretty pictures. Amazing how the drops are all similar size except at the intersections. Nature eh?


Little butterfly on a Verbena bonariensis flower.


Saw these pretty colours and snapped a photo.


There we go again.

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The breakfast love affair continues – eggs and Quorn ham quesadilla


Remember last time I shared a breakfast when I said I wanted to try the quesadilla? Well much to Gav’s disapointment I made it this week. He loves his bagels but put on a brave face and ate todays conconction.

I scrambled the eggs and set them to one side.


Onto the tortilla I then added cheese, I used cheddar, then the chopped Quorn ham,


and finally the scrambled eggs.


I popped it back into the pan but before folding it over I sprinkled a little more cheese on top.


Then let it sit in the pan which was on a medium heat for a few minutes. I flipped it over to melt the cheese on the top side.



And there we go. I really loved it and although there was cheese in this recipe the amount of ‘bread’ was less so the calories sort of balanced out.

If I had my way I would eat these every week but I still do love bagels.

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Bloom 2015 – packing a punch


The season is coming to an end here in our garden. Less daylight, cooler temperatures and plants that have just about given their all.

The only things still soldiering on are the Dahlias and the Sunflowers.

Here is an arrangement from the begininng of August that celebrates the bright light colourful punch that late summer brings.


A mix of Calendula, Helianthus, Crocosmia and Euphorbia foliage. I just love that orange/ red almost magenta  colour of the Calendula bud before it opens up – in the top photo. All summer long I have been amazed by the little surprises some flowers hold, like the back of that sunflower bloom the other week. Good to see things in new and interesting ways and playing about with flowers is helping me do just that.

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Photo a Day – week twenty seven


What was going on last week?















Good stuff.

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Project Life® 2015 pages continue….


A few more weeks finished.

Still using the same design A page protectors but adding in those lovely half size pages (design H) when I need a few more spaces for photos.


This next page is when we started our three week holiday in the US. I limited myself to just 4 x 6 photos and in all the middle sections I added my journaling and a few filler cards, mainly from the aptly named Road trip kit.



Over the years I have used a combination of techniques for including memorabilia from these trips in my memory keeping. A couple of times I used books that held all the writing, photos and memorabilia.  And this year I added almost all of them to the Project Life album.

I used two page protectors to do this, one with mostly 3 x 4 vertical pockets….


This worked well for receipts and tickets and smaller items like those wonderful Computer Museum badges.

And the other was a 6 x 6 pocket page….


You can’t really tell from the photo above but the booklets I collected all fit really well into the 6 x 6 size. Most of the pamphlet is held inside the pocket making it quite sturdy even though they stick proud a little bit. And all the ‘stuff’ is in one spot.

And the we were home….


This year more than in past years I find that I’m okay not filling every card up. Above is a great example of this. Only two of the eight 3 x 4 cards have journaling on them. The others have little bits of this and that to make them pretty. And it makes the process easier which is a bonus this year.



So keeping it simple and getting it done = happy!


Project Life® is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. I am using the Honey and the Fifth and Frolic ‘Dear Lizzie’ Core Kits, the Seasons, DIY shop, Road Trip and Pooch Mini kits on my pages.

Go here to find out more from Becky.

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Is it a Donut or a doughnut?

A few weeks ago I went to the other side of Leeds to visit my niece and on the drive home the tunnel I usually go through was closed for repair so I took the diversion into the city centre and out again.

As I drove I saw the most glorious sight…… Dunkin’ Donuts has opened in Leeds! Oh glorious day! Oh the waistline……

That Saturday Gav and I made a stop at the newly opened shop for a take out of six lovely doughnuts.


They were delicious and it reminded me of a very similar photo taken not so long ago on another continent.


Two of these beauties are the same flavour but they look different don’t they? I’m sure that the recipes is different here than it is in the US. Our tastes are not the same. And of course they were delish but just not the same it’s that old thing about stuff tastes better on holiday.

Little things make me happy. Doughnuts and capturing stories like this are two of them.

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Bloom 2015 – dainty whites


I have been gifted a new vessel for my flower arranging. So thought I better try it out.


It looks like a really large wine glass and I was excited to try using a stemmed container.

In the bouquet are Antirrhinum ‘white giant’, Scabious, Nicotiana ‘fragrant cloud’, Helianthus ‘Italian white’ buds, and beech tree leaves.

I loved the challenge this gave me and will need to experiment a bit with the new shape but overall a great addition to my vase collection.

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Photo a Day – week twenty six


The glorious natural world.


Magical Maple leaves.


Spider web.


I know it’s a bad photo but had to capture that naughty Squirrel with a feast of an apple in his paws…….


The promise of a wonderful September day.


Pretty Robin on the ground bird table.


Amazing sky.


That’s what the beauty was around me last week. How about you?

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The breakfast love affair continues – green eggs and Quorn ham filled bagel


Okay so not actually green eggs. Ha!

We are having a lovely sunny weekend here. Warm enough to eat one last breakfast outside. This was a combination of avocado, a slice of Quorn ham and scrambled eggs in a plain bagel. It was really good. I think an improvement would be adding a dollop of hollandaise too for an extra zing on the tastebuds.

After trying almost every veggie combination of breakfast ingredients I have come to the conclusion that you just can’t beat a bagel as the base for a breakfast sandwich. Although I do have my eye on a quesadilla recipe…..

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