Read 2014 – The One by Kiera Cass


The end of another trilogy. And a satisfactory end at that.

(I just popped back to the post about the second book to check what I thought about it. I laughed out loud at my little rant about the cover. I stand by those feelings but have to admit I adore the dress on this cover and love how the blue background matched my nails!)

Not much to say about the final installment of this story, it did the same as the other two books. Enjoyable and I’m glad I know how it ends but it didn’t set my world on fire.

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Another Post Box story


We stumbled upon this post box when we took a wrong turn on our recent Scarborough adventure. We were looking for a convenient place to turn the car around when I spotted an insignia I hadn’t seen before. I asked Gav to pull over in a calm and clear voice, ahem…. And hopped out of the car to snap a photo or two.


This one is another VR for Queen Victoria. In my quest to find as many different post boxes as possible I had only seen the VR on two wall boxes so far, so finding this traditional free standing box was a great addition to the collection.

I still love the geeky quest.

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30 Vegetarian pizza’s – veggie mix up


Oh, the light, the failing light! I am going to have to either set up the tripod (boo) or make Gav have pizza for lunch if I am to keep up with these posts through the winter, lol.

Anyway here we are with number sixteen. This one was a couple of weeks ago and I had forgotten all about it. It had the very first of our home grown tomatoes and french beans as well as courgettes, green olives, artichokes and mushrooms. The multiple layers of flavours was really good.

We did the usual sauce and cheese.

I always hesitate at the idea of throwing tons of veg onto a pizza but I shouldn’t because this one worked out great.

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Photo a Day – week twenty seven


No, not leaves…..


S’mores. We found delish vegetarian marshmallows.


September is birthday month. First up is my brother-in-law.


Pondering which salad to buy for lunch.


Home made salad today. (We are trying to cut down on the bread.)


Two photo of my feet this week! I noticed that I have taken to wandering around at work with glasses in hand so I thought I better capture the fact that I have given in and need to wear them to read everything these days….


Our electric kettle broke so we dug out the camping one. There is something so comforting about a kettle on the stove.


And there we go. Have a wonderful week.

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Bloom – Cosmos and nicotiana


It was a joy to have a ‘new’ flower to pick. The cosmos are blooming away now and giving me something different to use in arrangement’s and I love these cheery flowers.

Lots of other flowers are dwindling fast now but the nicotiana are holding their own so I mixed the white with the pink in this simple glass jar.

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Courgette and ricotta lasagne


Throughout the summer we have had a couple of gluts of courgettes. Because we are vegetarian I can always use them up and I’ve been picking consistently to get fairly small ones, that way they keep coming and are more tasty.

I had about six in the fridge and found this recipe on the Good Food website. Since I had a tub of ricotta in the fridge I dived in and made this lasagne.


I used the last of Gav’s tomato sauces from the freezer instead of the jar mentioned in the recipe.


And I pulled the food processor out from the depths of the cupboard to grate the veg then added it to the onions.


Gentle stirring was required as my pan was a bit small but they soon reduced down.


As the recipe indicated I added the cheese to the courgettes, seasoning and started layering.


I think because the cooking time in the oven is not as long as usual for a lasagne, the recipe requires the partial cooking of the pasta. Whenever I’ve done that in the past they always stick together and they did just that again but I managed to peel them apart. I also noticed that the sheets stretched when cooking. Usually one sheet of pasta just fits width ways in the dish above but as you can see it was a bit bigger.

After the pasta the sauce.


Then repeat the layers once more and add the rest of the ricotta in dollops.


Just fifteen minutes later…


A new summer favourite I think. And using up courgettes too. Excellent.

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Cracker dog crazy again, again and again….


Oh life is sweet every day for that little dog. Well, unless it’s raining or a firework goes off.

buddy-stickHe finds all kinds of stuff to play with. Like this and this.

But in the garden it usually is a stick or a ball and he is ‘A’ okay with that.


Especially a ball that may have bounced over from the boys next door…….

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Photo a Day – week twenty six


I’ve spent quite a lot of time at the park this past week. Here was a very misty morning.


Oh that girl!


Afternoon tea at friends with home made treats. My bff H made the Chelsea buns and scone and two cakes that aren’t in the shot. Yum.


Preparation for the big building adventure….




A glorious sunset. We’ve had some amazing ones this week.


And finally a little treat while shopping for Gav some new clothes.


Loved getting a few pictures of the park this week good to get out somewhere different for walks.

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Bloom 3.0 – tea glass treats


The little tea glasses are perfect for small arrangements. They are pretty in themselves and add to the overall look of the bouquet. In the last week or so I made two quite different vases using pink and blue tea glasses.

The rich colours are so perfect for the pinker toned glass.


There was Salvia, borage, cornflowers, nicotiana, and nigella seed heads.

The other glass was a zing of crazy colours. I just picked what there was and popped them all together.


More salvia, nicotiana, cornflowers but also calendula and some stocks seed pods.

A riot of colour. Just what we need to prolong summer feeling as long as possible.

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A trip to the National Media Museum


I mentioned last week that we had taken my niece to the media museum in Bradford. Here’s a whistle stop tour of what we saw.

We started in the Games Lounge.


There was a display of games consoles through the years and Gav was telling H all about the ones he had owned (almost all of them btw….)

Then in amongst wonderful arcade games we found PAC-man.


H had never come across this game before and she watched me get annihilated. I’m no game player even though I love a PAC-man.

Then we looked at lots of great displays which highlighted the history of film and some experiments showing how and why film works.


The animation gallery was full of gems from TV and film. Like a real cell from a Tom and Jerry cartoon.


And lots of well loved characters from my childhood.

Zippy and George from Rainbow.


Morph! (Which is where Aardman began.)


And another of my absolute fav’s. The Wombles!


That set was amazing and look at those rugs….. just like my weaving’s!

And this gem. The only surviving set from The Wrong Trousers.


Back in 2005 there was a fire at Aardman Animation HQ that destroyed everything, so this set is the sole survivor as it was at the museum.

Then those two made another stop motion film using an i-pad this time.


Within the gallery all about the internet Gav spotted this edition of Monopoly. Look at those wooden houses and paper tokens! This edition dates to 1953.


Hello Miss weather girl!


Another great gallery full of t.v production sets where you could get behind and in front of the camera and it also had a green screen. You selected the background and then stepped right into the magic of television.

I’d highly recommend a trip to this museum. It was a trip down memory lane for us oldies but also full of interesting stuff to see and do and learn and the cafe was amazing too.

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