Photo a Day – The Missing Week

Last week I shared, according to my calculations, week fifty one and fifty two. I start this project around my birthday week therefore it runs mid March to mid March. Also I generally post a week late so this could be where my ‘year’ has gone awry. Anyway for correctness and in order start 2018/2019 posting photos during my birthday week I need to share another seven days.

So here they are.

My favourite breakfast but not very good for me!

Pretty view and aptly named street.

Adorable book on the counter at the vets.

Three inch snowfall in an hour….. So beautiful.

And the next day? All gone.

Time for a haircut.

She’s crawling……. and poised to put those keys right in there! Bless her adorable heart.

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Organising Photos and Thoughts on a Big Holiday Album

Further to my ramblings recently about holiday albums my brain kept on whirring about this subject and I felt I needed to have a plan. As luck would have it I’d just bought a new album that I could designate as a home for the 2017 holiday layouts.

I popped the handful of pages already made into the album after adding the tag to the spine.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned the albums I tend to use so here is a look at them on the shelf.

They are the American Crafts 12 x 12 D ring albums. I have brown, red, red stars and a black and white camera pattern that started as an Amy Tangerine branded product.

For the content of each album I use Stacy Julian’s method of categorising my layouts. She has four categories – All about Us, People we Love, Things we Do and Places we Go. Sometimes after I have leafed through an album I think I should change the categories more to just chronological but so far I’ve just left them as those four story themes.

Anyway, back to the planning….

When I get back from a holiday like the one last year I want to print ALL the photos! I don’t but I do print more than I will ever be able to or want to scrap.

I have a couple of thoughts about this. The first is that a photo is better printed and in my hand than on my computer. That way I have it if I ever wanted it for scrapping but also I have it to look at. And second is that having a big bunch of pictures triggers stories that I might have forgotten about or prompts stories I hadn’t yet seen.

After getting them back from the printers I organise the photos more or less chronologically and into story ideas. You can see below that I have a box for this and I stack them horizontally, vertically, horizontally, vertically…… and keep them all in that box.

Then I grabbed my note book and looked at some of the stories I’d already jotted down and then back at the pile of photos I now have organised. I managed to add several more story ideas to the list.

A word on the story thing. For an album like this one there will be lots of stories that tell the who, what, where, when and why. The obvious so to speak. Here we are at the White House, here we are during the eclipse, here we are with Mickey Mouse. If you have been here a while you know that my quest is to tell the ‘right’ stories. After a few years of making layouts without a story at all (I know… but I was more about the creating then) I hopped on the Ali Edwards bandwagon and try to focus on documenting our stories rather than just a photo and some embellishments.

In the 52 stories posts I tried to get the stories I wanted to tell down on the page. It is a work in progress and that is ok.

For big holiday albums I want to try and capture all the stories. Some of the who, what, when, where, some of the fun, some of the quirky ones and some that are more in depth, more heartfelt.

By planning and looking at photos all together I have found it easier to get ideas down on paper and spark some of these stories.

In past albums that document big trips one way I’ve used photos that don’t warrant a layout but do need to be seen in the album is by adding them in pocket pages. I started doing this in 2013 for our USA adventures and below are some of the pages from the 2015 holiday to America.

Above the photos in the pocket page relate directly to the layout on the right. I realise it is taking up the same amount of room in the album but sometimes I prefer this method to a double page layout.

In the example above and two below the subjects in the pockets loosely relate to the layouts. There are placed in the correct chronological order to help deepen the story without adding another six layouts to the album.

And below are photos of a garden visit that I may yet want to make into a layout. By popping them into the album I know exactly where they are should I decide to make the pictures into a page.

Organising this kind of album may seem like a lot of work and it is. But I’d rather spend some time planning and getting all the stories told than making a lot of mismatched pages that jump about and don’t tell the whole story.

I’m well on my way in the planning phase and I’ve made quite a few more pages that I’ll be sharing here weekly. It’s all good stuff.

On with the story telling!

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Layout Share – The Car Debacle

Here we go with another story from last years USA trip.

The Car Debacle

Here’s the story –

When you get in a hire car and it smells of curry and a dashboard warning light comes on and Gav says he wants to go back in and exchange the car…… listen to him. Don’t say ‘oh, we’ll clean it.’ From that first smelly warning to the decision to exchange it and the cancelling of our contract, to the waiting for it sorting at 11pm and getting lost and the double charging…… Yes listen to Gav! 

Oh dear. What an adventure we had with that car! But it did all work out in the end. Of course when I took the photos I didn’t know the woes we were going to suffer I just wanted to capture them and the cars we rented, it’s a tradition. It makes for a good story and I was happy to have the photos to go with it!

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Project Life® 2018 Cover Page

I am a little bit late sharing this but better late than never right?

Kept it very simple this year which is all ok. I wanted to make sure I got something in this spot in the album because as I mentioned last year there have been years when there wasn’t a cover page at all.

In this post last February I stated my intention to get all up to date here on the blog……..hmmm. Lets just say that didn’t work out so well, eh? But I really mean it this time…. I’ll be back with some weekly documenting soon.

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Someone Loves the Snow and a Little Practice

Popping in real quick today to share this series of fun photos in the spirit of my One Little Word®. When I decided to delay going into work because of the surprise snow fall I grabbed the camera and caught a sweet doggie having some fun.

Not the best photos, that’s why I needed to practice taking pictures in the snow (it throws the exposure out) but still fun ones….

Needless to say that pristine and beautiful snow-covered garden is now trashed with his antics!

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Photo a Day – Week Fifty One and Fifty Two

Playing catch up for these last two weeks of our year in photos.

Interesting patterns on these towels.

Hellebore glory. Waiting for this new one to open up.

No words needed!

I’m sure he shouldn’t be in the border….

Real life photo, weeds and all. These are a few pots of Foxgloves that are waiting to get planted or maybe I’ll just pop them into bigger pots and see what happens?

Continuing to practice with the macro lens.

My Mum, older niece and sweetie pie!

And week fifty two.

Some of my family headed to Sherwood Centre Parcs and I joined in the fun for an overnight stay. Here is the sweetie pie again looking at the local wildlife.

My sister and aforementioned child!

The welcome home committee. Gav and I looked after pooches at my sisters house while the others were away.

We had a turn in the weather with big snowstorms and temperatures to make these. We are not used to this in the UK.

Because of the snow I set off extra early for work and managed to call for treats on the way. Yep more cinnamon buns…….oh dear!

Back at home and the snow covered garden.

Still snowy with added crazy pooch.

And that wraps up another year in photos!

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What I’ve Been Reading – February 2018

I started off reading another Jack Reacher novel The Visitor by Lee Child. I finished this in a couple of days right before I started the new job. You can see in the picture above that I was indulging. Coffee, treats and an afternoon or three of reading before my afternoons were not all free ones!

The book was another on the edge of your seat thriller and the twist at the end was excellent.

I finished this one yesterday. Maise Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear. It had been on the go since mid January. A gentle-ish detective story, the first in a series of novels about a lady detective in the 1920’s + era. It was well written and interesting and I will definitely read more of these.

Still on track of two books a month!

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Layout Share – Here I Stand

Let me tell another one………

Here I Stand

Sometimes you have a bunch of pictures you really want to include in your album but there isn’t a story to go with them. Or is there?

Here is what I had to say –

Here is a story told in the images of my feet. It is true to say that I love to take pictures of my feet and even better to capture different surfaces, different shoes and clothes. Usually it’s just jeans. But in Portugal I pushed the boat out and went for the whole lot. Give me a surface to stand on and I’ll snap away.  

My thought processes for this page…… I had about eight photos of my feet from our holiday in Portugal and really wanted to scrap them. Mainly because I love photos of my feet as I said above. After pondering what to say I just plonked them on the page and wrote about what I saw. Basically a simple story about how I love to snap my feet.

As I came to write out this post what also struck me was that in a few years it won’t only be that story but also a nod to the person I was then. Quirky, funny and wanting to capture the physical presence I made on the landscape. Oh, deep! HA……..

I think I’ll leave it there!

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Bloom 2018 – Planning and Pondering

It is that time of year again. How many years have I been sharing my endeavours to grow flowers for the house here on the blog? Quite a few now and I still love every part of this experience.

I have talked many times before about how I want to push my flower arranging skills and that I stalk florists on Instagram and feel downhearted sometimes when all of theirs are so amazing and mine are not! But that is part of it all. And I’m ok with it. I keep trying and like I say love the whole experience from selecting seed, sowing seed, pricking out seedlings, planting out and then picking and arranging.

I feel that it’s part of who I am now and that feels great!

I placed my seed order a week or so ago. I had a good look at my Pinterest board which has many of my arrangements from years past in the hope to change it up a little. So all the usual suspects are in the mix, Calendula, Cerinthie, Cosmos, Helianthus, Salvia, Scabious. But I also added a couple of different flowers too just to try and vary my arrangements. Linaria, which is delicate and elongated to add height and Malope, which I hope will create that saucer shape which you see in all the trendy instagrammers bunches. We will see.

Right now I should stop typing and get out there preparing. Here is to another lovely floriferous year!

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Photo a Day – Week Fifty

Loving lighter nights around here. It’s only a few minutes I know but makes all the difference.

It’s still been cold and here you can see the days worth of ice from the birds water dish.

More wandering around the village during my lunch break and I found this beauty! It was sited in the wall of what was an out building but now a barn conversion so basically in the wall of a house! It is an unusual post box in my opinion. I have seen VR wall boxes before but not this style. This one originally had a hood covering the slot and has a little hinged flap still in situ. Also the boxes I’ve seen previously had flat tops and this one is angled. I was really happy to have found it!

A little snow and a silly pooch running crazy.

A birthday gathering. How did she grow up so fast?

Mooching round the garden with the macro lens again and managed to stay sill enough to grab this photo of a lady Blackbird.

Ice crystals on pansy leaves.

Coffee and a sticky bun with my BFF.

And that was another week.

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