The click, tick list – plant a living fence


I’m making some progress on crossing things off this year. Hooray. Next up was to plant a ‘living’ fence.

We ordered Salix viminalis rods from here. Ours were 2.5m tall and we got 100. That was a rough estimate based on my idea for the pattern and the length of the finished of the fence but I think we’ll end up with quite a few left over.

They advise that you plant through horticultural membrane to help with the weeding so we prepared the area and laid it out. Then we measured out the spacing, cut slots into the membrane and used a poker to make the holes. We have three rods closely planted together.


We got so far and then I tied in the first couple of crossovers using soft string. This should eventually rot away and the structure still be strong after a bit of growing time.


This is something that needs a little bravery, for us anyway because it’s a statement and we have chosen to use this fence as a divide between one part of the garden and another but I know we’ll be wondering why it took us so long to do it by the end of the summer.

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Anyone for herb tea?


If you’d have told me a month ago that I was going to replace a cup off coffee a day with a cup of herb tea I would have laughed so hard I might have got an injury. I don’t like regular tea (I know I’m British I should drink it!) and only very occasionally try herb tea, usually a blackcurrant one if I’m coming down with a cold. Or a delicious iced tea like we had in Florida.

But against the odds I am drinking a cup a day. Isn’t it funny how things happen?

This all came about because a colleague at work offered me a Licorice and Peppermint tea. I wrinkled my nose then said yes and was delighted to find I love it. This is brand I have treid.

I know I should drink less coffee so decided to change my afternoon caffeine hit for a cup of herby tea instead and so far so good.


Part of the success of this little venture is that this particular tea is different, for me anyway, than any other I’ve tried. It has a depth of flavour that lingers.

Go on give it a whirl I recommend it.

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Photo a Day – week four


Here are some more.

My take on this salad. Very good.


This beautiful butterfly flew into the garden and I was lucky enough to have my camera handy. It’s a small tortoiseshell common apparently in the UK. Taken with the 100m lens but not on macro I cheated and blew this one up a bit.


Can you eat cake for breakfast? I think so maybe just once a year….


The baseball season is underway and we celebrated in our usual fashion.


Seedlings are popping up all over.


We are in the middle of planting a living fence (its on the list!) and I love how it sets off the Euphorbia.


And finally a selfie at work. I was checking out the camera on my new phone.


There we have it.

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A photo wall


I love collections of photographs displayed on a wall. I have a few images pinned over here.

We used to have a more traditional wall of photos in the dining room before switched rooms and decorated. That was over three years ago now and I still hadn’t put the pictures back up.

I shall call my lethargy on this project lucky though because in the time it has taken me to motivate myself a new home decor item has appeared. Little shelves for displaying pictures etc. Gav was going to make me some but we found these at Ikea all ready to pop on the wall. Hoorah.

So that’s what we did.

I added photos to new frames and arranged them on the shelves adding a couple of canvas’s and our prized Manhattan movie poster. This wall is all about NYC, if you hadn’t already guessed.

I wasn’t sure about this wall at first. I fussed with the photos for a while then just left them. You have to be brave sometimes and just go with it.


And after living with it for a week or so I love it.


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Bloom 2015 – Little Tulips


I dabbled with another small arrangement, in fact I used the same vase and foliage as those roses just swapped for Tulips. Not home grown I’m afraid but still….


Needs work. Yes indeed. But I’m happy to keep dabbling with something new so that’s all good.

And talking of something new, while I was photographing I set the lens to macro and snapped some of those Viburnum buds close up.


Amazing right?

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The click tick list – The National Memorial Arboretum


I’m not exactly sure why I put this on the list. I think it was the idea of trees.

What I didn’t understand was the power of memorials and trees together. This is a worthy place to visit and celebrate the bravery and dedication of members of the armed forces that are remembered here.




I tread carefully when I wandered. I saw many visitors who I just knew from looking at them were here to visit a loved one or many loved ones. Neither Gav’s family or mine have a military connection but I felt the importance of remembering and paying tribute.

And planting trees to help celebrate, a living memorial is an inspired idea.


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Photo a Day – week three


Two murky walks and some close ups.

A shot Gav took of his mate B climbing Wernside. Nothing like a clear day to get out in the countryside. Ha!


Buddy was here…..


Close up of a vase.


The warmer weather has brightened up this pot of pansies.


Gav’s take on mushroom linguine. Mmm..


In the mirror.


Bud and I headed back to the car after climbing Pen-y-gent. Yes we were here a couple of weeks ago too but this time we climbed the mountain. It nearly did for me I tell you!


There we go.

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Best game ever!


Three little words – give me that – send him into a crazy puppy frenzy of naughtiness. Anything he thinks you want is instantly his most favourite and he won’t give it up without a fight.


See me? I got your string.


Still got it.


This was actually the second day of the string fun and I came prepared with my camera this time. The only difference today was that the green luminous stuff had previously been attached to Gav’s woodworking project but it snapped so instead of leaving us a criss crossed trail of string to re-wind he was running free with it.


Or stopping for extra tease value only to launch himself off down the garden the moment you got too close.


Oh! The fun he had.


Mine. All mine.


Unless of course you entice him in for a treat, then it’s like what string?




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Read 2015 – The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz


This novel is all about Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson but not written by the original author, Arthur Conan Doyle but reimagined by a different writer. I wasn’t particularly keen on the original book and my sister, who lent me both, said that the modern version was better than the original so I picked it up.

It was better, to me too, than the original. I feel blasphemous saying such a thing but I found the pace of the first Holmes book (and the very strange diversion into a backstory for part of the novel) tricky to get through. I found the newer one slow too but I did enjoy it and I thought that Horowitz did a great job taking on the role of Holmes’ chronicler Dr Watson.

The only negative for me was the final revelation when they discover what the House of Silk is. But by that time I was too invested in the book so I just ploughed on to the end.

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Photo a Day – week two


Tea and coffee and cake. Mmmmm……


They let pooches into the Painswick Rococo Gardens! This was in one of the many little buildings throughout the garden.


The National Memorial Arboretum. (Something else I can cross off the list!)


The early morning sun is a magnet to me.


Popped to the shops at lunchtime and wanted to document the pineapple, yogurts, wearing a skirt! And that I have a pair of socks in my handbag?!


This is what happens while I’m at work eh?


Another sunny morning. Me thinks those pots need a good scrub.


Week two done.

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