Timely Reminder

I’ve just read a wonderful post over here. I adore this blog, her outlook on life, her words, her photos.

It made me feel like I needed to write something today so here I am.

The day did not start as planned. We were out last night at Gav’s uncles Diamond Wedding Anniversary do. Diamond Wedding! Consequently we were home late and I slept in. I hate sleeping in (actually I LOVE sleeping in!) because the rest of the day seems over too quickly somehow and I end up shortening our morning walk so I can get home for that first cup of coffee. Then while Bud and I were walking our shortened walk I got a text from my older niece to say she was visiting my Mum with our newest addition, my great niece, so the walk was shortened even more and off I went to see them all.

I got my first cup of coffee there while I watched this 11 month old walking and laughing and being so crazily stubborn about going all those places she shouldn’t. Looking quizzically at an old toy phone my Mum brought out then at a mobile and wondering what the old one was. Technology eh? She doesn’t recognise an old phone! Anyway, it was an hour of loveliness and a timely reminder to live and love and enjoy even on days that don’t begin quite as we’d hoped.

Happy Sunday!

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Bloom 2018 – Hellebores and Sweet Rocket

I picked a few Hellebores before they set seed a week or so ago and to go along with them I added Alchemilla mollis, Euphorbia oblongata, Lunaria and Hesperis (sweet rocket). All plonked in my favourite blue glass vase.

Everything here, except the Hellebores, are self sown! I love a free plant especially one you can make flower arrangements with.

I got all the annuals planted last week and they are growing away happily. We have had quite a dry spell recently which is always good for growing but not so good for us who have to keep up the watering. But I’m not complaining. Looking forward to a summer of flowers in the house.

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What I’ve been Reading – May 2018

Oh the heady heights of literary fiction…….. May was not the month for such novels. I appear to have forsaken my quest to reduce the pile of books already!

And I only managed two.

The first was another of the Lord Peter Wimsey written by Jill Patton Walsh. Presumption of Death. It was very enjoyable. Set in the second World War it gave an insight into country life during that period and we got to know the characters a little better. I have leant the book to my Mum which is why my photo is less that perfect!

My second book was another Jack Reacher – pictured at the top. Not too much death and destruction in this one and perhaps all the better for it. A quick (because you can’t put them down) read to finish the month.

I’ll try for three in June so I can make my goal of twenty four for the year……

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Layout Share – That’s One Way to Get Steps

Another week another story!

That’s one way to get Steps

Here’s the story –

I said I’d finish the laundry as it was my turn. For some reason I walked back and forth between the room and the laundry room about twenty times! In the heat! Who know why but I did. Anyway the laundry got done and I went way over those steps.

This page is an example of yet another of those photos that I wanted to scrap but wondered why. After looking at the picture for a little while the memory of the trips back and forth popped into my head and that was a good enough tale to marry with the photo. I love this strange ritual of the Disney Caribbean laundry room. I could also have mentioned that the change machines ate your money, the wait for the engineer  to retrieve said money or the bliss of the air con inside the room. Maybe I’ll just remember those things or maybe I won’t either way I love the page as is and am happy I have those big washing machines in the album.

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Photo a Day – Week Ten and Eleven

Playing catch up…..

Blossom under our feet.

Love this greenhouse.

A trip to the park in my lunch hour.

Pondering music……

The UK asparagus arrived!

Hawthorn blossom against that blue sky.

Avocado, tomato and scrambled on homemade toast. And a pretty plate from Emma Bridgewater of course.

Picking a few things for a vase.

Tuned into NASA TV for a rocket launch.

Another visit to the park. This time with Buddy early one morning and a wander past the gardens which include some medal winning entries from national flower shows.

Lots of family things this week. Here the newest member of our family is showing her great Nana how pushing is done!

Blurry but still beautiful.

Me, my sister, my niece and my great niece!

Reflections of me and Bud in the local florists window.

And there we go.

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Bloom 2018 – Peachy

I forced myself to cut a few tulips to arrange a few weeks ago and had a go at arranging them in a similar way to many of the florists I follow on Instagram.

There was Tulip ‘Brownie’ and ‘Queen of Night’, honesty, cherry blossom and hellebores.

I love the totally mismatched colour scheme and I like the idea of the lopsided arrangement but need more practice. In the end I evened it all up a bit too much. Missing those tulips so much!

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Layout Share – Georgetown Adventure

Here’s another layout from that big holiday album 2017!

Georgetown Adventure

And the story says –

On the bus again and over the river to the hip and trendy Georgetown for a look around Papersource and dinner. We were very brave and picked a busy trendy looking place called Flavio. Expensive, busy and maybe out of our league but we embraced it and drank our sodas out of their fancy jam jar glasses.

I had wanted to visit the area of Washington DC called Georgetown every time Gav and I have been but we never made it there until last year. Good to document that evening and get it into the album.

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He’s Still Got It

To cheer us all up on a Monday here is our crazy pooch.

He is a delight, a faithful companion and of course crackers!

And after tearing up and down he likes to drink from the birds water…….

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Photo a Day – Week Nine

Here are another week of photos. I was joining in with Ali Edwards Week in the Life. Not sure if I’ll make an album but I did enjoy trying to capture different things in pictures this week. Usually more of me. Ha!

And I got the big camera out every day. Gotta love what that big camera can do!

But sometimes the phone is easier to hold over you head to get stuff like this one.

And this one, which was a new adventure for me. We have the amazing Roundhay Park near where I live and work. We also have two huge expanses of grass or playing fields just outside the park called Soldiers’ Field (because this is where soldiers gathered in the First World War.) Anyway I wandered up to sit among the trees and green on my lunch break and it was lovely. Got steps in getting there and some reading too.

Here is one with the big camera. Always the bees right!

And always this fella.

Our eating apple tree had the most amazing blossom this year. Hope we get half as many apples as flowers. As with many flowers at the moment they were gone just a few days later because of wind and a colder snap. So fingers crossed that some got the bee treatment.

It is usually only during WITL that I take selfies like this one. It took a few tries but I like how it turned out.

And that was that.

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The Tulips 2018

For as many years as I can remember, certainly the last ten, I’ve endeavoured to have a stunning display of tulips in our garden. I have always loved these flowers and they are my favourite….. in April and May at least! We have done quite a decent display this year, possibly inspired by my Tulip Day last year.

Every day for the past four weeks (the season has been short because of the weather, cold then hot) I have ventured outside and within moments had a smile on my face as I see the tulips for the first time that day. Some may not be very perennial but it’s always worth buying more for the amount of pure joy they bring me.

The main display came from four pots. I planted in the same bulbs twos so there would be symmetry on either side of that path.

The top two photos as well as the next two show the evolution of the display in one of the pots.

Early morning sunshine. And it captures another couple of clumps of tulips that Gav planted in the borders. These have come back well for a about two years now.

Practicing with my macro lens….

I adore the darker tulips and this one is Black Parrot.

And this one is Queen of Night.

Totally blown out shot with sun flare but I still like the photo and I’m beginning to quite like this blowsy Antraciet variety too.

More from the pots.

Another fav. Dolls Minuet planted in a pot this year.

And finally another macro photo of an emerging La Belle Epoch. Such amazing detail on those petals!

Truly, truly in love with these flowers.

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