Layout share – Her and me


Hello Thursday. Thought I’d share another layout telling a little story from the Florida trip. I used this pin as a starting point and lots of girly pink.


I simply drew several freehand circles around the page and turned it till I got the best layout of the circles to place my elements around.

I used my most favourite vellum ever as a matte to the photo. It’s a Dear Lizzy star and constellation print. Not sure it’s still available though. You can’t really see it that well but it gives a little definition from the pink cardstock.


I also used two 3 x 4 project life cards. On as a background paper and the other as a journal card. The larger stars are from a Studio Calico pack and then I just scattered sequins and little silver stars around the circles.

The story is about how Gav and I had gone off by ourselves for a couple of days during the holiday and how I got the biggest hug from H on our return. You have to tell those stories right? Of course right!

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Read 2014 – The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater


There is something about her books that draws me in completely. This new series of YA fiction has four books in it. I have to wait for another three books! Oh come on Maggie. That is so cruel. (Actually the second one in out already.)

I liked the characters even the ones we are not supposed to like and I especially liked the older women in the novel – I identify with older women! How fantastic to live in that house!! I think that I am also utterly jealous of Blue with her ‘Raven Boys’ how crazy and wonderful to have four boys in your teenage life! It is dark and has an eerie feeling to it  but she tells such a good story I can’t wait to see what happens to the characters.

I was intending to wait a while before getting the second book but I think I am experiencing a book hangover…… So the Dream Thieves just happened to fall into my Amazon basket yesterday…..

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Project Life® – week five and six


I went for lots of embellishing again for this spread. I am also moving around the ‘date’ pocket to where is fits best. I’m fine with that I think it adds interest and get the eye moving about the page not just settling on the top left pocket.

Here are the two weeks together. I appear to have become addicted to washi tape……


I love that ‘you and me’ card with the little fox faces on it. The top left pocket is a map from Ikea. It’s been a while since we went there. I like the graphic-ness of it.


I ran out of design A pages but because I’d already edited lots of photos to fit those pocket  sizes I had to crop and chop quite a few of these images to get them to fit. I also struggle with the design D page protector. I like that the 3 x 4 cards are horizontal but if I haven’t taken a portrait photos I find it’s tricky getting a landscape 4 x 6 photo into those portrait 4 x 6 pockets.

That cute clip board card was perfect to cut into so that it fit over my photo. Here’s a close up.


And week six.


Although it is not as pleasing to the eye, having smaller photos on a larger canvas, it does give the opportunity for lots of embellishments like the Studio Calico speech bubble. I used my type writer to add the text to that and the teeny label on the photo of the leeks.


And there we have it.


Project Life® is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. I am using the Honey and the Fifth and Frolic ‘Dear Lizzie’ Core Kits and the Seasons Mini kit in my pages.

Go here to find out more from Becky.

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Bloom 3.0 – Erysimum and Spiraea


One of the wallflowers (erysimum) that I left in the ground from last year got all twisted in the winter weather. The result is crooked stems that don’t make for a tall arrangement but I didn’t want to waste these flowers so made a little arrangement instead.

This combination of colour and shape is unusual for me but it’s good to try new things. I used a few Spiraea arguta stems, they are the arching stems and the domed white flowers are Iberis sempervirens.


Simple yet pretty and smells lovely.

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Photo a Day – week five


Three amazing days of sunshine this week. Plenty of garden goodness here. And of course food.

Salvia seedlings.




Pretty whites.


Gav’s onion sets ready to be planted out.


Lunch outside for the first time this year.


Getting ready.


Learning something new. Bud is so interested…..


And there we go. Enjoy all the Easter Eggs!

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Read 2014 – A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


I always thought I should read at least one of his books. I love Sherlock so much in all his movie and T.V incarnations and remember fondly watching the Basil Rathbone films on rainy Saturday afternoons when I was a child.

So I read the first story he wrote about Sherlock and Dr Watson. It was a struggle. I didn’t enjoy it. It is blasphemy I know but there it is. I can see all the good and intriguing  parts of the novel that those T.V and film people lifted out and woven into something similar but easier to digest. Like our first glimpse of Sherlock’s mind when he sets out how he knows Watson has been in Afghanistan.

Maybe it is the ‘time’ in which I read it. Life is so different and novels are so different now. I don’t know. Perhaps I just need to accept that the style wasn’t for me.

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Project Life® – week three and four


The momentum I have for making the pages is flagging a little but I am keeping going and just ordered some more photos.

Here is more from January. Still a week per page but I worked on them together to keep the colour consistent across the spread.


Just love the speech bubble cards. I ran it through my type writer. Also used up some older letter stickers to make a bold title for the piano card and the date.


More soon.


Project Life® is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. I am using the Honey and the Fifth and Frolic ‘Dear Lizzie’ Core Kits and the Seasons Mini kit in my pages.

Go here to find out more from Becky.

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Bloom 3.0 – Erysimum, Pulmonaria and Cerinthie


I missed the snow this winter but I am delighted that the milder weather allowed a patch of self-sown Cerinthie to grow and flourish. I picked a few stems to go with Erysimum and Pulmonaria.


The filler foliage is, as ever at this time of year, Euphorbia.

A punchy jewel-like little bunch.

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A little quilt for Buddy


About two years ago I purchased a metre of purple fabric with the intention of making a little cover to minimise the Buddy smell on our sofa. I also bought some pretty thick batting. He would be comfy and again the thicker the fabric the less the pong!

I laid out the fabric sandwich with the batting and backing material and safety pinned (basted) the three layers together. Then I started to wrangle the thick sandwich through my sewing machine. It didn’t go well. My machine is a great little one but I think it struggled with the amount of material I was trying to force under the foot. SO I put the whole mess to one side. For a year at least.


After another attempt at getting it through the machine I decided to try hand quilting it. Remember the photo in this post of the quilt hoop I bought. It was a challenge. Keeping my stitches straight didn’t work so well and the thickness of the quilt made it tricky but after a few weeks of picking it up for an hour at a time I finished the hand quilting. And I really loved the process of hand stitching. It was calming and therapeutic.


I ummed and aahed about the binding but eventually used a lovely beige star fabric. I followed this video to attach the binding and did hand stitch the back of the binding to finish this little sewing project off.


I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with it. I know it’s nothing special but I have zero patience and zero perfection so making something that looks not so bad is huge for me.

Now all I have to do is finish this one…….

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Photo a Day – week four


Some really poor quality shots but gems all the same and um… food this week.

My older niece and I went to see Divergent. Great highlight on my nose…..


Victoria sandwich. My BFF, H has used this method of making this cake for years now. When I just checked the recipe online I found that it hails from good old Mrs Beeton’s way of making a classic Victoria sponge. Here is the article I found. Gav made that heavenly butter cream.




Healthy lunch.


Morning sky near work.


Sweet. He pushed me out of the way so he could sprawl on her!


Coffee with H.


And there we go another week.

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